Product no.: BF225

This is a fabulous antique French brass doorknocker in the shape of a lady's hand and dating from the 1800's.

It is a substantial, good quality example of considerable weight.

The hand has elegant long fingers and there is a frilled cuff and bracelet at the wrist. The fingers clasp a ball which forms the actual knocker.

The back bracket from which the hand is hinged is also very substantial.

It has a threaded hole to take a bolt for fixing to the door. (We have used a new bolt which is included  - purchaser may need to us a different length bolt depending on thickness of door)

The brass has mellowed over the years to a fantastic antique hue but it would polish to a shiny finish if required.

This doorknocker would grace the grandest of doors.

It measures :- W 5 cm (2 inches) X H 13 cm (5 inches) X D 5 cm (2 inches)

Another divine château chic find from La Brocante Française!

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